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FBI Lawyer In Russian Investigation To Plead Guilty For False Statement – JONATHAN TURLEY

We have previously discussed allegations against FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith who played a key role in maintaining the secret surveillance of Trump campaign advisers in the Russian Investigation, including the falsification of a filing to the secret court.  U.S. Attorney John Durham who is investigating the matter, has announced that Clinesmith will now plead guilty to making a false statement.  The implications of this criminal plea is enormous but the media has engaged in a pattern of willful blindness to mounting evidence of wrongdoing in the Russian investigation by FBI and DOJ figures.

The inspector general previously accused Clinesmith of altering an email about former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page to say that he was “not a source” for another government agency. In fact, Page has was a source for the CIA.  That altered email was part of a third and final renewal application in 2017 to eavesdrop on Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  Clinesmith expressly opposed Trump and sent an email after the election declaring “viva the resistance.”

Notably, Democrats have been opposing any further investigation into the Russian investigation despite the call of former Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein for a full investigation. Both Rosenstein and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates have stated that they would not have approved secret surveillance applications if they knew what they know today about the countervailing evidence.  Yates has also insisted that people should be held accountable for misconduct.

Notably, the plea by Michael Flynn was widely reported as a major conviction despite the fact that the agents themselves stated that they did not believe Flynn intentionally lied.  That was lying about a lawful meeting by the incoming National Security Adviserwho stated the position of the Trump Administration in seeking a new approach with the Russians. Pleas by others of false statements were so minor that they resulted in less than a month of jail, including George Papadopoulos who received only 14 days.  Those pleas were given endless and breathless discussion in the media on the proof of criminality, even though they did not show any collusion with the Russians.  This is a direct and major falsification by a critical figure in the Russian investigation. It follows referrals for criminal charges against other figures like Andrew McCabe.  None of that seems to matter as commentators and politicians decry the continued investigation into the matter.

I supported the Special Counsel investigation as well as the Durham investigation. This is why. We need to achieve full transparency and full accountability.  At what point does the media recognize that there are serious questions of wrongdoing that remain unresolved?


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