Feds add man to most wished listing in lawyer’s 2016 loss of life

Feds add man to most wanted list in lawyer's 2016 death

Published 4:22 PM EST Friday November 27, 2020

NORTHBROOK, IL (AP) – A man accused of the death of a lawyer in suburban Chicago in 2016 is wanted by the US Marshals Service.

There is a $ 25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of John Panaligan, 54, who has been on the run since Victor Patel was strangled in his Northbrook office.

Patel represented people suing Panaligan. The Marshals Service said Panaligan met Patel by making an appointment under a fake name.

Panaligan has been in Canada, Mexico and possibly the Philippines, where he is a citizen, since 2016, the government said.

“This pointless crime cost two young children the lives of a husband and father,” said Donald Washington, director of the Marshals Service. “The US Marshals and our federal, state and local partners will use all available resources to bring John Panaligan to justice.”