Findings in Ricardo Muñoz police capturing investigation to be launched quickly, District Lawyer’s workplace says | Native Information

Findings in Ricardo Muñoz police shooting investigation to be released soon, District Attorney's office says | Local News

The Lancaster County Prosecutor's Office is currently reviewing the investigation into the fatal police shots of a man who stabbed a police officer with a knife and will shortly announce whether the shooting was warranted or a criminal charge is warranted.

Body camera footage released by the police on the night of the shooting on September 13th shows Ricardo Muñoz, 27, walking out of his home on Laurel Street accusing the officer with a knife, and the officer firing multiple shots when he was himself withdrew. Muñoz fell to the ground and was pronounced dead within minutes.

In a tweet on Friday morning, prosecutors announced that detectives had completed their investigations and filed their reports.

District Attorney Adams received final reports and information on a shooting in Lancaster on September 13th. (1/2)

– Lancaster DA (@Lancaster_DA) October 9, 2020

"We will announce the decision to use force once the review is complete, which is expected in the near future. This announcement will include the posting of photos and an audio recording of an emergency call," said another tweet.

The police had been sent home for a domestic disturbance call. Muñoz's family said they called to get help for Muñoz, who has had a history of mental illness.

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One of his sisters had called a crisis intervention center in Lebanon in which Muñoz is said to have been involved. At the same time, his other sister called 911. Neither sister lived on Laurel Street; only his mother was at home with him.

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