First NJ Courtroom Look | You Higher Present Up Or Else

First NJ Court Appearance | You Better Show Up Or Else...

The location of your first court appearance in New Jersey will depend on the type of charge you are facing. When you stand in front of one accusable Criminal offense, then your matter will be heard in district Dish. On the other hand, if your matter a disordered people Criminal offense (misdemeanor) then your matter will be heard in Communal Dish.

When you stand in front of one disordered people Criminal offenses, BI, traffic Ticket or community bylaw, your first appearance in a New Jersey court will be in a community court. If you were arrested in Hoe sackThen your case will be heard by the Hackensack District Court. If you were arrested in Newark, your case is in Newark District Court. Get an idea?

The city prosecutor is responsible for law enforcement. As your criminal defense lawyers, we are Plea bargain with the prosecutor to give you the best possible result. Sometimes we can have the charges dismissed. In other cases we can work out a plea contract Downgrade Your fee to avoid jail and pay a small fine. We also look differently deflection Programs you may be eligible for and work with the prosecutor to get your approval.

For example if you are before Marijuana possession Fees and have a clean record, you may be eligible for one conditional discharge. If you have successfully completed the program, your fees will be rejected. It’s like it never happened.

Not only is it important to show the judge that you mean business, but also that you appear before a court in New Jersey the first time you appear so we can show the prosecutor that you mean business. Making a good impression on the prosecutor helps us when negotiating on your behalf.

For example, what will a prosecutor think if your attorney argues your case in court but you didn’t care enough to show up? If your name is mentioned and you are absent when you first appear in New Jersey court, it will be much harder for us to defend you.