For Our Private Damage Purchasers Throughout COVID-19

For Our Personal Injury Clients During COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shaken the nation to the core.

It was a difficult week for the whole world, including Texas.

As we attempt to navigate the "new normal" during this global pandemic, we wanted to share some of the changes and adjustments we make at the Patterson Law Group for our employees and our customers.

Support our team

Since the severity of the corona virus continues to spread in our large country, our everyday life has changed significantly.

One thing we're proud of at Patterson Law Group is how much we love and care for our people and customers. And how much will we fight to protect them. This love and strength is something that has been rooted in our team since PawPaw.

That is why we take action.

To protect our clients and team, we asked our lawyers and staff to work from home. We also support our working parents with a childcare allowance. We understand the stress and unexpected complications that working from home can bring. We want to encourage our employees to focus on their wellbeing and to be a good example for the community. The health and safety of our employees and customers is a top priority.

In addition, the Patterson Law Group has implemented secure cyber security measures for many years to ensure the highest level of security for sensitive data. We have implemented a number of technology processes to protect our assets.

Information about the COVID-19 test site for our customers in Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio

For our customers we wanted to publish some information about the test page below.

Fort Worth & Arlington areas

Test criteria:

  • Fever of 99.6 or higher
  • to cough
  • shortness of breath

Dallas accepts those from other countries as long as they meet the criteria.

Test locations in Dallas are now limited to 250 tests per day. Their location confirms that they are still open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or until they reach 250 tests.

It takes 3 days for the test results to come back. Please follow your doctor's instructions while waiting. People can call 211 to answer questions about COVID-19, or they can go to


  • Parking lot E at the American Airlines Center – 2500 Victory Ave., Dallas, 75219
  • Ellis Davis Field House – 9191 South Polk Street, Dallas, 75232

The tests are available at the above locations daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or until daily capacity is reached.

  • Drive-through check in the Parkland Hospital by appointment Only for current Parkland patients who meet the medically required criteria with the instructions of a Parkland doctor, first aiders and healthcare workers.

San Antonio area

Test criteria:

Customers who have symptoms or think they are exposed should call their doctor or emergency clinic for evaluation.

If you can't afford to see a doctor, please call Metro Health's COVID-19 hotline at (210) 207-5779

Eligible for pre-approved tests:

  • First aider
  • Healthcare worker
  • VIA bus driver
  • People who think they are exposed or have symptoms


According to the San Antonio official website, you need to see a healthcare provider to be tested. The return of the test results takes 2 working days.

How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affects Your Claim to Personal Injury in Fort Worth, Arlington, and San Antonio

It can get a little overwhelming in these unprecedented times. We get a lot of questions about how the corona virus affects your current case.

To address these concerns, we wanted to release a few updates for our local community.

City of Fort Worth & Arlington

On March 24, 2020, Tarrant County issued a local disaster statement asking residents to stay home because of the COVID-19 threat.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said to the residents, "You stay at home."

Fort Worth City Council has extended the statement until April 7, 2020.

Law firms are considered essential companies for both Fort Worth and Arlington, "when necessary to comply with legally required activities."

For more current information, visit the Arlington City website and the Fort Worth City website.

City of San Antonio

On the same day, March 24, 2020, Bexar County issued an implementing regulation entitled "Stay Home, Work Safely."

It is unclear when the executive order will end.

Here, too, law firms are considered essential companies for San Antonio "if this is necessary to comply with legally required activities".

For more up-to-date information, visit the Bexar County website and City of San Antonio website.

What does this mean for your personal injury case?

The Patterson Law Group remains open. We are working at full capacity.
While the Texas Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and Tarrant County's local courtrooms have suspended certain personal activities that affect litigation, including hearings, deposits, etc., they continue to use video conferencing and conference calls.

Even if the courthouses may be closed, we will continue to pursue your case.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a letter confirming that government services are essential to the public.

“Our government agencies provide services that are essential to the public. The order from Governor Abbott highlights the need for continued, unencumbered state office operations, ”said Attorney General Paxton. "It is our duty to protect and care for Texans, and we are committed to serving our citizens in this health crisis."

As mentioned above, the Patterson Law Group has been equipped for virtual representation for many years. We are still able to further optimize studies, mediations and arbitration proceedings during the corona virus.

We are still committed to the results. And we still want to help you earn it.

Thinking of you

As Texans, we have to join the fight against this spreading virus. We have to get together while we distance ourselves socially. Sunday lunches, conferences, your daughter's birthday party – all of these events define us. But we have to give them up to protect our community.

We can overcome this together. We are being tested. We have to keep fighting. Do not pass this test. Texans never give up. We will come out stronger and harder than before.

We have to accept sucking and be the best example for others. Don't lose sight of the love and respect we need to have for each other.