Former Arlington attorney accused of using ‘sugar daddy’ site to lure underage victims

Former Arlington attorney accused of using ‘sugar daddy’ site to lure underage victims

Arlington man charged with trafficking in students

An Arlington man faces numerous charges after numerous sexual encounters with young victims.

A former Arlington attorney who allegedly used a “Sugar Daddy” website to lure underage victims into sexual encounters was indicted by a grand jury.

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According to prosecutors, 46-year-old Matthew Erausquin killed six underage girls and three other young adults from June 2017 to August 2020.

In one case, investigators said he pretended to be 18 or 19 years old online.

Fairfax County Police Department first investigated the case before the FBI intervened and said they were familiar with websites aimed at older wealthy men partnering with younger women seeking financial assistance.

Just last week, a former Fairfax County doctor was charged with rape and kidnapping. Investigators say Drew Steiner also met victims on a sugar daddy website.

“The Internet has a dark side,” said Ed O’Carroll, Fairfax County’s police major who specializes in cyber crimes. “We saw it in this case. People who pretend to be who they are not. They infiltrate our homes and our families. Especially our youth and those who are vulnerable. And this case is an example of that.”

Erausquin was a consumer protection attorney at the time, reportedly paying young girls $ 500 to $ 800 for sexual encounters. In one case, he offered to pay $ 1,000 for a “threesome” with two victims.

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Investigators say he also gave marijuana and expensive gifts to girls.

Erausquin is alleged to have secretly recorded some encounters – and continued to have sex with some after she was 18.

In at least one case, a victim moved out of the state, and Erausquin reportedly flew them back to Virginia for the holidays.

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He was charged with six cases of sex trafficking in minors, one case of the production of child pornography, one case of transporting a person across state borders for the purpose of prostitution, and three cases of coercion and seduction in international trade for prostitution.

He could live at least 15 years in prison or a lifetime at most if convicted.

His lawyers say such a verdict would be extreme.

In a statement sent to Lindsay Watts of FOX 5, Frank Salvato and Christopher Amolsch said:

“Mr Erausquin has used a well-known website that does an elaborate age check for its users. Unfortunately, the website does not appear to have checked the ages of the individuals in question who did not appear to be aware of their true age when their profiles were posted. Erausquin is willing to use cooperate with law enforcement through this website but apply for a mandatory minimum 10 or 15 year sentence for this situation and all related videos seem excessive. “