Former Chippewa County attorney pleads guilty to perjury

Former Chippewa County attorney pleads guilty to perjury

LANSING, me. – A former Chippewa County attorney pleaded guilty, according to the Michigan Attorney General.

We learned that Charles Malette, 40, had his license revoked after he was convicted of aggravated stalking a year ago.

According to the attorney general’s office, three embezzlement charges were dropped in the course of the plea. Malette will pay more than $ 50,000 in refund fees.

Malette reportedly had activity on a website where users can find out people’s reputations. It was this activity that led to the perjury charge, officials say, which Malette added, denied knowledge of the site while giving testimony under oath before admitting on Tuesday that he had used the site.

“Licensed attorneys must adhere to the high standards that are set in both legal and ethical areas,” says Dana Nessel of Michigan AG. “I am proud of the work my team has done to reach this agreement with Mr. Malette.”

Malette is due to be sentenced on June 29th.

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