Former Idaho Falls legislator resigns as U.S. Lawyer | Authorities

Former Idaho Falls legislator resigns as U.S. Attorney | Government

A former longtime The state lawmaker representing eastern Idaho has resigned as state attorney for federal courts in Idaho.

65-year-old Bart Davis isn’t entirely sure what to do after serving as a U.S. attorney for Idaho District for more than three years, he said in a telephone interview with the Post Register on Friday.

At least the former private attorney and staunch Republican who served as a majority leader in the Idaho Senate for most of his nearly two decades said, “I don’t think I’m done with the legal practice.”

“I don’t know what that means,” added Davis. “I don’t know what opportunities I’ll be looking for yet. But I still have a little fire in my stomach and a desire to continue to make a small difference in my condition and in my community.”

Right now he wants to relax with his wife Marion and six children and split his time between their homes in Boise and Idaho Falls.

“If the pandemic allows and health considerations are satisfied, we intend to do some travel. And we have a few children who live outside of Idaho,” Davis said. “We would like to see you.” He also said, “I know we would be honored to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Davis’ tenure as chief federal attorney for Gem State ends February 28. He told the Postal Register that he had resigned at the request of the Biden administration, which has requested resignations from many other Trump-appointed federal attorneys, with plans to replace them. The Washington Post reported that “almost all US attorneys under (former US Attorney General Jeff) Leave sessions immediately. Other governments, including those of Obama and George W. Bush, have gradually exonerated US attorneys and sought replacements. “

Prior to his appointment as former President Donald Trump in 2017, Davis had represented Idaho Falls and the surrounding area in the Idaho Senate since 1998; He led the majority Republican party for most of the time.

Davis graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 1973 and received a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in 1980 and a Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho in 1980, according to the Justice Department.

While leading federal prosecution for Idaho, Davis’ office has filed 1,000 criminal cases including Boise hospital donor embezzlement, COVID-19 fraud, and price discounts and business fraud in his hometown of Idaho Falls.

One The case resulted in a five-year prison sentence after David Hansen, former CEO of Yellowstone Partners, pleaded guilty to billing clients for a gross sum of $ 9.5 million. The U.S. prosecutor said Hansen billed customers incorrectly in order to enrich themselves, the Postal Register reported. As part of his plea agreement, Hansen agreed to reimburse customers and had to work with an IRS investigation and pay taxes that were still owed.

When asked which cases he was most proud of, Davis said he hated to go into details, but noted the federal government’s partnership with the Idaho Attorney General to resolve child exploration cases through Idaho’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task .

“If Idaho could see what I got to see, I think they would be very proud of their county, state, and federal prosecutors,” said Davis.

Rafael M. Gonzalez Jr. will immediately take up office as acting lawyer in the United States, a position he held for seven months in 2017.

Postal register reporter Jonathan Hogan and the Idaho Press staff contributed.

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