Former U.S. Lawyer David Freed indicators on with main Pa.-based regulation agency

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A week after his resignation as the area’s chief state attorney, former US attorney David Freed signed one of the most prominent law firms in central Pennsylvania.

And he brought a friend.

Long-time US associate attorney James T. Clancy also joins McNees Wallace & Nurick.

Freed announced his resignation as a U.S. attorney for the federal Central District of Pennsylvania almost two months after President Donald Trump lost his re-election offer. Freed, a Camp Hill-based Republican and Trump-era representative, was expected to be replaced as a U.S. attorney by the future Democratic administration of Joe Biden.

Upon their new appearance, Freed and Clancy will join the law firm’s litigation, commercial defense and internal investigation practice groups.

“Dave Freed has built an impressive career over the past two decades as one of Pennsylvania’s most distinguished and respected prosecutors,” said Brian Jackson, chairman of McNees. “He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that our customers benefit greatly and that are hugely beneficial to McNees.”

“I’ve spent my career anticipating problems, understanding needs and finding solutions,” said Freed. “I look forward to using my strategic and tactical problem-solving skills to advance McNees Wallace & Nurick’s mission of providing customers with superior value while acting creatively and with integrity. I am very excited to join this dynamic organization. “

Freed served as a US attorney for more than three years. Prior to that, he served as Cumberland County District Attorney for 12 years. Clancy, a Susquehanna Township resident, has served in the federal courts for 32 years, the past 22 years serving as US assistant attorney for the Middle District. Both men graduated from the Dickinson School of Law with law degrees.

The McNees divisions, of which the two are a part, will serve customers across Pennsylvania and Ohio. McNees is based in Harrisburg and employs more than 130 lawyers and serves clients worldwide. It has offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington, DC