Former U.S. Lawyer says no excuse for Capitol assault, expects investigation to final months

Former U.S. Attorney says no excuse for Capitol attack, expects investigation to last months

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue to investigate and arrest in connection with the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

Police officers say a range of charges are possible against those who entered the Capitol, including conspiracy and murder.

Jay Town, a former US attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, said the investigation involves FBI and US law firms in the US

According to Town, investigators are faced with the challenge of the sheer volume of videos and other evidence that is yet to be gathered. He added that the FBI and other federal agencies have the ability to “scrape” social media data that is expected to provide investigators with a material mine.

“You probably explained why you were there. “I just want to see what’s going on” vs. “We have to grab and snag an elected official.” Two very different purposes for being in this building, ”Town said. “Both are illegal. This will be a test that will expire by the end of the year.

“We won’t be finished with these investigations here anytime soon, it will take a long time, just because of the sheer volume of people involved.”

The charges will cover a number of behaviors, including the possibility of a riot, Town said.

“It will be absolutely important to know the intent, the purpose of why a person disrupted a congressional session,” he said. “If it came to stopping the operations, the functions of Congress right now, it is getting closer to an insurrection.”

Approximately 25,000 US National Guard troops are in the country’s capital to secure Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday lunchtime. The stakes are obviously very high. The city requested anyone with information about someone planning to do something illegal or violent to call the FBI.

“I think the security situation will last all weekend. It will last as long as the FBI and intelligence services deem it necessary,” Town said.

Barring one incident, the city expects the National Guard units to withdraw fairly quickly and the armed forces from surrounding states to stay longer to ensure the peaceful transition.

There are a lot of harsh feelings after the elections and the Capitol uprising, but according to Town, Americans need to do better.

“It is imperative that we return to a place in the United States where we fundamentally disagree on very important issues, very important issues, but at the same time are able to do so peacefully,” he said. “That was what was meant by political debate, political talk about our ancestors, it is in our constitution and how it really worked for our existence as a nation. We have to get back to this point.

“Violent insurrection is not patriotic, it is unlawful, it is illegal and it is disgusting.”

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