Former U.S. Legal professional Dave DeVillers displays on time in workplace

Former U.S. Attorney Dave DeVillers reflects on time in office

DeVillers was appointed to the position by former President Donald Trump in November 2019.

They handle cases such as the former House Speaker, the federal indictment of former Columbus officer Andrew Mitchell, and investigations such as the fatal shooting of Casey Goodson Jr.

Now there is a new chief in the US attorney’s office overseeing these cases. Vipal Patel has been named acting US attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.

This move comes after Dave DeVillers has resigned. His last day was last Friday.

“It sucks, but I know the office is in good hands,” said DeVillers with a smile.

DeVillers is open that it wasn’t his decision to leave the job.

“I still think that’s what this job is really about,” said DeVillers.

An ambitious and aggressive prosecutor who has received death threats for his job, he jokes about his next challenge.

“I’m starting astronaut school in a couple of weeks, it’s going to be great,” he laughed. He has accepted a position with a national law firm and will remain in Columbus.

DeVillers was appointed to the position by former President Donald Trump in November 2019.

While in the position only briefly, he has been a prosecutor for decades. He worked first with the Franklin County Attorney’s Office and then as a U.S. Assistant Attorney.

“I’ve always been here. When I became a US attorney, I am still studying,” DeVillers said.

DeVillers is known for tracking gangs and overthrowing the Short North Posse.

He says that while assisting the police, he is not afraid of persecuting officers who have violated the law.

“I think the vast majority of the police force, I’m a big fan of the Columbus Police Department, but if you commit crimes, if you commit civil rights violations, you will be prosecuted,” DeVillers stated.

DeVillers says the office will focus on major violent crime and fentanyl issues related to the cartel for the next several years.

He says he has advice for the next person sitting in this chair: “I’ll leave a letter, it’s a tradition in the office too. To be apolitical, to be aggressive and to listen to the AUSAs who know what they are doing. “

The application deadline for the position as a US attorney was February.

Senator Sherrod Brown’s office said 12 people applied for the job.

The senator’s office will now work with a selection committee to narrow it down.

Brown will submit a nomination to the U.S. Senate and vote on the nomination.