Former US Attorney Brian Moran to investigate Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer

Former US Attorney Brian Moran to investigate Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer

Moran will lead the investigation into Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, who called 911 about a black newspaper hauler in his neighborhood.

TACOMA, Washington. – Editor’s Note: The above video aired on April 6th after Sheriff Troyer’s resignation was requested.

Former US attorney Brian Moran will lead an independent investigation into the recent actions of Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, according to Pierce County Council.

Troyer is under fire for calling 911 on January 27 to report a black newspaper carrier in his neighborhood “who threatened to kill him.” It’s a statement he later withdrew when speaking with the Tacoma Police Department.

The call resulted in more than 40 officers from multiple agencies rushing to the neighborhood.

The Tacoma Police body cam video shows newspaper haulier Sedrick Altheimer telling officers that he went to Troyer’s unmarked car after the sheriff followed him several blocks on his route.

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Pierce County Council chairman Derek Young announced Tuesday that Moran had taken on the role of investigating Troyer’s behavior.

According to the council, “the approved scope of work instructs Moran to review the sheriff’s conduct from January 1, 2020 through January 27, 2021 to determine if there is a pattern of abuse of authority, deviation from standards, or violation of guidelines present or law. “

Moran, the US chief attorney for the western district of Washington, resigned from his position on Feb. 28 and said he would return to private practice. The Justice Department asked US attorneys appointed by former President Donald Trump to resign in February.