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2020 was a strange time. Everyone has experienced the new normal in different ways, but through all of this the sense of community has grown. Even if we are protected, there are stories of people helping each other in these difficult times. Mockingbird marketing is no different. Mockingbird Marketing will offer Echo, the WordPress entry-level website, free of charge and without obligation until the end of the year to help individual and small attorneys in the corona virus crisis.

This means a free WordPress site and associated hosting, backups, upgrades, and technical maintenance for the rest of 2020.


Echo was developed as a solution for single and small law firms that need a fast, dynamic and professional WordPress website at a reasonable price. If you need a new website because your current one is out of date, or if you are waving your practice area due to current events, FrEcho (Free Echo) can help you with these changes while providing you with a modern, polished and highly functional website for your practice.

FrEcho is a well-coded and user-friendly template website that you can use to convert online visitors into customers. FrEcho comes with page templates, schema markups and a simple interface that makes adding new pages and content child's play for you and your company. If you're worried that FrEcho websites will all look the same, don't. The modularity makes FrEcho websites more Legos than cutters.

Once this FrEcho website has been created, it is yours. All content, data and your URL are entirely yours and not Mockingbird. And since it's based on WordPress, you can let any web designer work on your website at any time. If you want to give your website a new face, now is a great time with Mockingbird and FrEcho.

How to get it

To get started with FrEcho, all you have to do is make a $ 1 credit card payment that will be sent to your January 2021 bill if you choose to stay with Mockingbird in the new year. To learn more about Echo, FrEcho and some sample websites, visit Mockingbird.Marketing/Free-Echo/ today!

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last update April 24, 2020.