Gallatin County Legal professional and well being division sue Rocking R Bar over closing time violation

Gallatin County Attorney and health department sue Rocking R Bar over closing time violation

BOZEMAN – Gallatin County prosecutors say they are taking legal action against Rocking R Bar because the bar allegedly refuses to comply with local and state health regulations.

“The Rocking R Bar is also in violation of the governor’s policy regarding the 10pm closing time. That’s what we’re talking about,” said Marty Lambert, Gallatin County’s attorney.

A lawsuit filed on Wednesday lists the Gallatin City Health Department as one of the plaintiffs suing the bar for violating the curfew set by Governor Steve Bullock, as well as local health orders.

“We are asking the court to issue an injunction stating that Rocking R Bar must close by 10 p.m., including ordering that the Bozeman Sheriff and / or the Bozeman Police Department, or both, enforce this and ensure the bar is open closed at 10 p.m., ”said Lambert.

MTN News left a message for bar owner Mike Hope but hasn’t received a response yet.

“The Bozeman Police have checked numerous bars in Bozeman. Investigations here didn’t just focus on the Rocking R Bar. They checked a number of bars every night. Rocking R Bar in Bozeman town, Rocking R, is the only one that doesn’t close at 10pm, ”said Lambert.

The bar will continue to operate until the court takes further action.

“There will be a hearing one way or another as to whether the court will grant the injunction or not. A preliminary injunction hearing will probably take place here in the next few weeks, ”said Lambert.