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After the election with two undecided races in Georgia, Chuck Schumer sounded more like William Tecumseh Sherman and proclaimed on the streets of New York: “Now we’ll take Georgia, then we’ll change the world. Now we take Georgia, then we change America. “The Senate minority leader (and the hopeful Senate majority leader) was referring to two runoff elections that allowed the Senate to be turned over to the Democrats with complete control over the legislature and the executive. The last Yankee to promise a Georgia scorched earth campaign kept his promise. Ironically, the Georgia campaign will begin on an ominous anniversary. General Sherman’s infamous “March to Sea” began on November 15 and ended just before Christmas. The march left Georgia in ashes.

The idea of ​​the march through Georgia was to break the stalemate in war and the spirit of the South in resistance. It was described as a “total war” with Sherman’s forces living on the land when Sherman promised to completely destroy his opponents.

One difference is that the Democrats predict the scorched earth campaign will follow, not during the Georgia campaign. When the news media predicted a “blue wave” that would sweep both houses ahead of the election, the senators openly discussed removing their colleagues’ legislative powers, seizing the court and changing the political system. Even after losing seats in the House of Representatives and a tight presidential election, Schumer assured his supporters that the Democrats will advance their comprehensive agenda with a single vote in the Senate.

This agenda took on an even more threatening tenor in a tweet from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). They rallied Democrats to win the Georgia races so “we don’t have to bargain that way”. It seemed to continue to promise another scorched earth campaign against anyone who did not sufficiently oppose Trump. She tweeted, “Does anyone archive these Trump sycophants if they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I see a good chance of many deleted tweets, fonts and photos in the future. “

Other democratic personalities celebrate Biden as a “healer” and emphasize that he and his followers remain evil incarnated. Former First Lady Michele Obama denounced, “Millions of people have voted for the status quo, even if it means supporting lies, hatred, chaos and division.”

The “healing” moment seems to have passed as the nation falls back to our standard natural position of contempt and condemnation. There are still points to clarify and loot to be claimed. When Biden said that we will now “meet again,” seems to have been heard as an invitation to aim rather than hugging those on the other side. When Sander’s substitute Nomiki Konst was asked about AOC’s request for a blacklist, he helpfully noted that the first on the list would be people like the former Republicans on the Lincoln Project. She said that these people like George Conway are the “perfect examples” of people who get canceled despite their work against Trump. It didn’t take long. After spending millions on Biden, Knost and AOC are demanding that all of these numbers be listed and “held accountable”.

The promise to identify and reject someone found to be “complicit” is all too familiar to many faculties and students across the country. We have increased intolerance towards dissenting views. What started as a forced silence has become a forced speech, where failure to be sufficiently enthusiastic is taken as evidence of complicity. In fact, Marymount Manhattan theater arts professor Patricia Simon was the subject of a campaign to be sparked after she appeared briefly asleep during an anti-racist meeting on Zoom. She was not “woken up” by definition.

It appears that lists are being created in some locations. At Harvard, students are demanding the dismissal of professors who personally hold views that are considered unacceptable. Joshua Conde, a red-hot editor, pointed to the hiring of two Professors Diana Schaub and David Kane, who were viewed as critical of the loss of faith and family values ​​in the African American community. The editorial called on Harvard to remove all professors who hold “similar unacceptable views” because “student voices can no longer be ignored”.

I’m not sure I’ll be one of the “accomplices”. While I have repeatedly criticized Trump, I was the only Republican witness to testify at the impeachment hearing. Let me get to the point. I am ready for reform. I am frantically assembling my columns and criticizing Trump for clinging pathetically to my chest through any public disgrace. It’s not clear if any of us can still cash in as cooperative subjects for re-education, but I’m willing to give up names (starting with my editors). I’m going to immediately consider everything from Biden’s consideration of unprecedented court wrapping to Elizabeth Warren’s call for unconstitutional property taxes as really good ideas. Just give me a chance Why stop when simple coercion is enough?

In the union song “Marching Through Georgia,” Sherman’s forces sang, “Treason fled from us because resistance was in vain.” The problem is that even those who joined the “resistance,” like those on the Lincoln Project, are now being set up for rejection. I have often quoted the statement of the French revolutionary Abbe Sieyes, author of the French Revolution Manifesto “What is the third estate?” When asked what he did during the French Revolution, he simply replied, “I survived.”

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