Girl Sues GR Realty Holdings LLC After Chair Fell from Penthouse Balcony and Hit Her

Woman Sues GR Realty Holdings LLC After Chair Fell from Penthouse Balcony and Hit Her

GR Realty Holdings LLC was sued for negligence earlier this week over a January 25 incident in which a young woman was brain damaged.

Earlier this week, GR Realty Holdings LLC, owned by Michael Rubin, co-owner of the 76ers basketball franchise and the New Jersey Devils hockey franchise, was negligently indicted by a woman who was hit with a deck chair it "fell from." a rooftop in Manhattan and hit them, leaving brain injuries. "

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According to the lawsuit, Annabel Sen was on her way to lunch with her boyfriend on January 25th when she was “hit by a heavy wooden lounge chair off the terrace of the penthouse on the 12th floor of the 15th building in Union Square West Condominium. “The lawsuit itself was brought to the Manhattan Supreme Court. Her attorney, Benedict Morelli, said, "How (the chair) didn't kill her is honestly a miracle. She is very damaged, but not dead."

"The then 23-year-old Midtown West resident on his way to lunch at Xu's public house nearby suffered a severe, life-threatening, traumatic brain injury that required emergency brain surgery. (Sen) has had two since then further brain operations. "

Prior to the incident, Sen was scheduled to receive her Masters degree from Harvard this fall and worked for a private equity firm. She said the "deck chair should have been secured on the deck, especially since it was a rainy day with very windy conditions." The lawsuit alleges:

"Sen was unable to attend to her usual calling and activities and she was forced to pay medical bills. Sen has suffered and will necessarily suffer additional loss of time and income from employment in the future."

Morelli added:

“There was really no reason for that. Either bring the furniture with you – especially if you won't be there for a long time – or tie it up. There are a number of people who could and should have done that. "

As a result of the incident, Morelli had to leave her Manhattan life to live with her parents in Connecticut. She will no longer be able to work at her workplace and will not be able to attend Harvard to complete her schooling. Morelli said:

“She doesn't do anything now. She only sees doctors and recovers. She has cognitive deficits. This was a young woman who was very gifted before the accident and we hope that she will get all of her skills back. "

In addition to GR Realty Holdings LLC, the lawsuit also accuses “builders and management companies, as well as penthouse residents Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi, who are both co-founders of the startup Brex, which was worth $ 2.6 billion for Forbes in 2019. "


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