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Giving Thanks for the Journey – My Shingle

It’s been a tough year – but as I wrote last year, there is a lot to be thankful for. Whether this year has been a long and winding road, or smooth sailing, or something in between, we can thank you for being here just for the ride.

Despite the best plans, starting a law firm can be difficult. The struggle to pay the bills while building a practice. Stay up to date. The constant rejection – whether from prospects who choose other companies or from colleagues who don’t take the time to meet you for lunch, let alone refer your cases. And of course do not forget about the documents rejected by this or that court because you are still trying to find out the trifles and the arguments rejected by the judges, which are not based on merit, but because you are the new kid on the block (spoilers -Alarm: this doesn’t happen all the time.)

And yet, believe it or not, it might be some of your best days right now. These are the days when everything you do is a first. When you first find yourself holding your fate in your own hands. When you experience the thrill of living on the wire and find that no matter how bad things are, you will never return.

Like the pilgrims before us, you will struggle through seemingly insurmountable difficulties on your way to freedom and the claim to a new land. Some may argue that it doesn’t have to be – that using programs and templates and coaching and others’ proven systems you can skip the learning curve and find a shortcut to success. Maybe yes, but you will deceive yourself. Because this is your journey, your story that you will tell at some point, your story that you make with every painful, embarrassing or crowning mistake.

Today, on the eve of Thanksgiving, take a moment to thank you for the trip and to appreciate the courage it took to get this far. And believe it or not, one day, not too far away, you will look back and wonder where you started and what you built.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow travelers alone and small regular travelers! See you all on the other side.