GOP attorneys might face sanctions over falsehoods pressed in Michigan election lawsuits

GOP attorneys could face sanctions over falsehoods pressed in Michigan election lawsuits

DETROIT The Legal Department, which supports President Trump, turns the table as more and more calls and court files have been filed this week for these attorneys to be banned or expelled from courtrooms – including calls from Michigan’s Attorney General.

In the latest file, Wayne County attorney Robert Davis urged the Michigan Eastern District federal judge to sanction attorneys for six Michigan Trump supporters suing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for dismissing the election results. According to the motion, the lawyers violated codes of conduct by repeating falsehoods in court and once called the lawsuit “a deliberate and vicious effort to undermine the will of more than 5.5 million people.”

Davis filing comes almost a week after the city of Detroit asked the same judge that these attorneys, along with close Trump ally Sidney Powell, be forced to pay court fees, be banned from exercising law in Michigan, and referred to the prosecution Complaints procedures are referred to, a step that could possibly lead to a blocking.

On Tuesday, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel said her office, along with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, will likely impose its own sanctions to ban lawyers like Powell from state courtrooms.

“These are blatant lies that, in some cases, Ms. Powell is telling the United States Supreme Court of all places. It is worrying and undermining our entire profession and it needs to be held accountable, “Nessel said in an interview on Tuesday. “We would ask that action be taken against their statutory license, including a possible ban.”

Nessel also said she was investigating possible penalties for an attorney on an Antrim County case related to false claims about Dominion voting machines and software. That attorney, Matthew DePerno, was a frequent guest of the far-right outlet Newsmax, one of President Trump’s recent favorites.

The case arose from early and unofficial Antrim County’s results on November 3, which gave Joe Biden a head start with several thousand votes in reliably Republican county. The review found that the software had not been updated by a local employee, also a Republican, who admitted the bug. The votes were corrected and had no impact on the election result.

The case is pending in a state court. Trials, campaign experts, and a recent Antrim County audit found there was no evidence of any tampering with the results or any conspiracy against the president using Dominion software.

In a separate Washington DC case, in a case alongside the Michigan Welfare Organization, the NAACP accused the Republican Party and the President personally of personally violating the KKK law by attempting to overturn the election. The law, passed in 1871, arose out of racist attempts to exclude black voters from the polls and made it illegal for groups of people to band together to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.

According to the file, the group called it an attempt to “replicate the worst abuses in our nation’s history” by the Republican National Committee and Trump, who accused them of trying to attract voters in large, mostly black cities in major battlefield states, including Detroit, Disenfranchised, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

Despite the new demands for sanctions, a new case has been filed to amend state laws to allow state lawmakers to select voters for the electoral college. The lawsuit was signed by several lawmakers and supporters from across the country, including two representatives from Michigan and a group called the Election Integrity Fund with an address in Rochester Hills.

The lawsuit alleges that a state’s executive that is allowed to certify a presidential election instead of state legislation is in violation of the constitution. The elections of all 50 states have been ratified by the executive for more than a century. The lawsuit named Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R), and outgoing House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) as defendants.

The lawsuit aims to overturn the federal election results, prevent Congress from confirming the election next month, and force state lawmakers back into session to send the voters favorable to President Trump to Congress .

Vice President Mike Pence is also named as the first defendant in the lawsuit. As President of the Senate, Pence will preside over the election certificate in Congress.

Congress meets to count the votes of the electoral college and confirm the election on January 6th.

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