Govt information plea in IHC to nominate lawyer for Kulbhushan

Govt files plea in IHC to appoint lawyer for Kulbhushan

ISLAMABAD: For the appointment of legal representative for Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav the federal government on Wednesday filed a petition in Islamabad High Court (IHC). The move was made in the light of the International Court of Justice’s July 17, 2019 decision, following which the International Court of Justice (Review and Reconsideration) Ordinance, 2020 was enacted to implement the court’s verdict. The federation, through the defence secretary and the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch of General Headquarters (GHQ), has been made a party in the petition filed by the Ministry of Law and Justice. The petition, filed by the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice, stated that Kulbhushan, who was involved in several terrorist activities in Pakistan, has refused to file a plea against his sentence.

The Indian spy cannot appoint a lawyer in Pakistan without India’s assistance, while New Delhi is also reluctant to avail itself of the facility under the ordinance, the petition said.

The government, in the petition, has asked the court to appoint a legal representative for Jadhav so that Pakistan can fulfil its responsibility for the implementation of the ICJ’s decision.

On July 17, Pakistan had provided Jadhav consular access for a third time, after the second opportunity was not availed.

In July 2019, the ICJ ruled that Pakistan must grant consular access to India without any delay and at the same called for the “effective review and reconsideration” of Jadhav’s case.

Commander Jadhav an Indian Navy officer working for RAW was arrested on March 3, 2016, from Balochistan after he entered Pakistan from Iran. He also made important revelations about RAW’s role in sponsoring state terrorism in Pakistan.