Guam Lawyer Normal joins lawsuits towards Google, Fb

Leevin T. Camacho

Guam Attorney General Leevin Camacho joined other US attorneys general in a lawsuit against Google and a separate lawsuit against Facebook.

In the lawsuit against Google, attorneys general allege that Google illegally has its monopoly power over general search engines and deprives consumers of competition, which, according to a statement from the attorney general, could lead to greater choice, innovation and better privacy protection.

They want to stop Google’s behavior and restore a competitive market, the statement said.

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“Google has used its dominance in the search engine market to deny consumers more choice and privacy,” said Camacho. “When Guam consumers search for products or services online, they should get the best results, not just the results Google wants them to see.”

Facebook lawsuit

Camacho also joined other attorneys general in a lawsuit against Facebook.

On December 10, the Attorney General’s Office announced that Camacho, along with more than 40 other attorneys-general, had joined the lawsuit.

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In the Facebook lawsuit, the attorneys general allege that Facebook illegally acquired competitors and reduced services to minor threats, depriving users of the benefits of competition and restricting privacy protection, according to the AG’s office.

“Facebook monetizes our personal information and online habits and has increased its dominance and profits by buying or blocking perceived competition,” Camacho said in a statement. “We are suing to advocate privacy and choice for consumers and small businesses in Guam and across the country.”