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I wanted to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating the holiday today. Last year I wrote about “the best Easter in the worst of times” due to the pandemic. In particular, the family is being vaccinated today with the first open vaccination center in Fairfax. Like vacation itself, it is a sign of hope and renewal. Last year I hadn’t seen my eldest son Ben (who worked in a hospital) for weeks at the height of the pandemic, and spent the vacation with carers and my mother at the Chicago hospice. I spent weeks with my mother in my hometown. She then gathered and I am home with my family in McLean for this vacation.

Last night we celebrated Passover on Friday with Leslie’s incredible matzo ball soup and brisket. As always, I passed the filtered fish and the minced liver on.

Tonight we enjoy a mustard and herb coated lamb (which I cook) and a variety of delicious foods. We have some incredible desserts from a lovely pancake to a variety of pastries and cookies. That’s on top of the overcrowded baskets the Easter Bunny left behind. (Even though my kids are older, they pamper me … or at least allow me to pamper them).

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone celebrating this weekend!

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