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Happy New Year everyone on our blog! We called home in McLean, Virginia in 2021. New Year’s Eve is also my wedding day. 23 years ago, Leslie and I fled after eight years in the old town of Alexandria. We will celebrate two anniversary dates again. I’m counting the anniversary as our 31st, while Leslie insists on counting this year as our 23rd. We will toast our anniversary and the new year (like 23 years ago and every year since then) with a bottle of Schramsburg Cremant.

This has been a tough year for all of us. We lost a lot and a lot in the past year. However, we are persistent and have prevailed against the adversities of 2020. So here is hope and healing in 2021.

On New Years Day we will follow tradition and make Kit Carson’s wife’s bowl of Wasabi Bloody Marys. My father introduced the soup to our family in Chicago, a Mexican turkey soup. I smoked a turkey two days ago and it’s going to be in the soup today.

I will post the recap of our year on the blog later today, but I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year in 2021. It’s been a wonderful year with our fast growing community. I cannot thank you enough for contributing to our daily dialogue on big and small issues in our society.

Happy New Year everyone on our blog.

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