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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Like many families, we’re only having a smaller gathering with our immediate family this year due to pandemic guidelines. We had to make some changes to the size, but not the spirit. We cook a party and enjoy our vacation together. I published a column this morning on my attitude towards pilgrims in the face of recent criticism of the holiday.

We will continue our tradition of the Turley Turkey Bowl – over 50 years of unbroken tradition. Unfortunately, instead of having our usual neighborhood friends and a party after the game, all we have to do is continue with the six of us. That makes sense since the Chicago Bears lack an offensive line anyway. The McLean Bears are expected to beat the McLean Redskins again this year.

I make my usual two turkeys, one already smoking on the grill and the other being cooked in the kitchen. It’s always fun to see the difference between the two birds. The smoked turkey looks like I pulled it behind my car while the kitchen turkey looks perfect. However, it’s the smoked turkey that does first and foremost. I make my corn bread and sausage filling as well as Waldorf salad. Leslie made pumpkin pie with sugar squash.

I know this vacation is tough, but so are we. We wish you a great Thanksgiving as we celebrate what is most precious in our families and friends.

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