High pro-Israel lawyer who faked vandalism assault at Scots dwelling faces being struck off

Top pro-Israel lawyer who faked vandalism attack at Scots home faces being struck off

A lawyer could be dismissed over a bizarre containment plan to discredit a Palestinian interest group.

Pro-Israel Matthew Berlow developed a conspiracy with an accomplice to track down another lawyer who he believed was anti-Semitic abuse.

Glasgow-based Berlow helped fake a graffiti attack on his home and brought political opponents into the line of fire by making false claims on social media against the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

An initial investigation by the Law Society of Scotland reporter recommended that Berlow should be fined £ 500 for unsatisfactory behavior.

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However, the Society’s Professional Conduct Subcommittee has since decided that his conduct may constitute professional misconduct, a more serious criminal offense.

Berlow, found guilty of four previous offenses, could be removed or restricted in terms of his legal obligations.

The company said it would prosecute him in the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal if necessary.

Berlow insisted yesterday that he would clear his name – despite admitting his role in the conspiracy.

He said, “These bogus complaints, all of which are interrelated, come from an anti-Semitic source that has spoken to me for several years.”