High U.S. Asset Safety Lawyer Speaks Completely to MBA Podcast | State

Top U.S. Asset Protection Attorney Speaks Exclusively to MBA Podcast | State

CHARLOTTE, NC, January 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kevin L Day, JD, MBA, the country’s foremost international wealth protection, privacy and estate planning attorney, caught the MBA: Minority Business Access podcast and gave an exclusive interview presented by the Magnify Your Wealth Summit in Denver, Colorado. Day shares little-known legal strategies and techniques his firm is using to ensure its clients, which include high-profile CEOs, entertainers, and professional athletes, are able to protect their assets, lower their litigation profile, and protect their privacy. whereby they make their fortune “trial evidence.”

Day and his company have become outstanding experts and notable speakers The United StatesEducating other attorneys and high net worth individuals on their legal rights in enforcing trusts established outside of The United States.

“We have a lot of actors and ball players who want privacy, which is usually what drives them, and litigation protection is good for them too,” Day told MBA host Solomon RC Ali. “Customers will come to us and say, ‘I need process protection.’ Then it comes down to lowering their profile and other family matters. “

Continues Day: “The protection of lawsuits boils down to the fact that if you have it, you can still claim it, even if it is a deferred right. Until 1987, if you wanted to prove something and entrust it to a trust “It couldn’t be you.” the trustee or the beneficiary, so you had to give up all ownership and control. “

The day, Minority Business Access further explains that by virtue of the Hague Convention, which enabled the recognition and international function of trusts, high net worth individuals can now protect their sizeable business interests, investments, real estate holdings and other valuable assets through an irrevocable trust while protecting the rights of the beneficiaries and the use of their assets are preserved.

“Lawyer Kevin Day The insightful interview granted to the Minority Business Access podcast provides a detailed roadmap for everyday Americans to use these methods of the wealthy to prove their own hard-earned assets in court while continuing to use those assets, “shares the MBA presenter Solomon RC Ali with. ” could mean the difference between you and your loved ones being financially protected or an unexpected event undermining what you worked for. “

over Kevin L. Day, JD, MBA

Kevin L. Day, JD, MBA, is a nationally recognized author and leading lawyer in estate planning and international wealth protection planning. His expertise in wealth protection is unrivaled. Mr. Day’s bachelor’s degree is in Chinese and he has both a Masters of Business Administration in International Management and a Doctorate in Law. He was the university’s academic administrator, doctoral level law professor, and law school dean for eight years before moving into private practice. In addition to his legal expertise, Mr. Day brings his extensive business knowledge as an MBA in International Business.

About Solomon RC Ali and Access to minority businesses Podcast

Solomon RC Ali is a rainmaker when it comes to scaling up profitable businesses and bringing them to the public through fundraising and business advice. There are currently only thirteen publicly traded African American-owned companies The United States. Mr. Ali is the only executive who has served on the boards of three of these companies and has held executive positions at those companies. Companies founded with the expertise of Solomon RC Ali Corporation have more than earned $ 118 million in a single fiscal year. Mr. Ali and his team have collectively managed and successfully completed more than 140 mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Ali is CEO of NDR Energy Group, one of the largest minority owned companies in The United States. He is also the CEO of Revolutionary Concepts – the holder of several technology patents exclusively licensed by the leading smart home technology companies RING from Amazon and SkyBell.

Solomon RC Ali hosts the MBA: Minority Business Access podcast, in which he interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business and finance and shares this valuable inside information with his audience. Listen to Minority Business Access on Spotify, iTunes or your favorite podcast platform.

turn on Monday 18th Januaryto learn more about asset protection, lowering your litigation profile, and preserving your wealth for loved ones with Minority Business Access Guest, Kevin L. Day, JD, MBA.


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