Himachal Pradesh Excessive Court docket imposes Rs 2.5 lakh wonderful on Mohali lawyer for submitting for bail on behalf of consumer in Australia

Himachal Pradesh High Court imposes Rs 2.5 lakh fine on Mohali lawyer for filing for bail on behalf of client in Australia

New Delhi (ILNS): A Mohali attorney who filed a petition on behalf of his Australian permanent resident asking for bail and an FIR waiver has been approved by the Himachal Pradesh Supreme Court. The fine is for “professional misconduct”.

The court found that Vikram Singh, the petitioner in a rape case, was not even in the country at the time the application was filed in court. However, an affidavit was filed on Singh’s behalf.

Rs 1 lakh of the fine must be deposited with the State High Court Advocates’ Welfare Fund within four weeks. The matter has now been listed for December 18th.

During the hearing of the petition, the court found that the defendant Vikram Singh made a request for bail and an application for the revocation of the FIR registered against him.

While the petition showed that Singh is a permanent resident of Australia, the affidavit was reviewed in Shimla on July 15th. Knowing this, the court sent a notice to Mohali’s attorney, Shimla’s permanent attorney, and Shimla’s oath commissioner, who reviewed the affidavit and asked for a response on the matter.

While reprimanding the attorney, the department bank of Judges Tarlok Singh Chauhan and Jyotsna Rewal Dua found the Mohali attorney guilty of the case and ordered him to give Rs 50,000 to the oath commissioner and Rs 1 lakh to the local attorney.

The court ruled that the Mohali attorney betrayed not only the local attorney but also the oath commissioner and put their future in danger. The court expressed concern about the lawyer’s wrongdoing and stated that while petitioner Vikram Singh was not in the country at the time the application was made to this court, an affidavit was filed on behalf of Vikram Singh. The court found that this was done by the attorney in order to obtain an unfair advantage from the court.

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