Home Office immigration system ‘barbaric’, says campaigning lawyer after Glasgow raid

Home Office immigration system 'barbaric', says campaigning lawyer after Glasgow raid

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday exhibition, Mr Anwar criticized the immigration attack in Pollokshields, Glasgow, on Thursday as “deeply cynical” and “provocative”.

His comments come after Justice Minister Humza Yousaf urged Labor MSPs in Glasgow to support the Scottish government’s call for immigration policy to be transferred to Scotland.

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It is currently a reserved affair which means Scotland must obey the rules set out in Westminster.

One of two men, accompanied by Mohammad Asif, director of the Afghan Human Rights Foundation, is released from an immigration enforcement van on Kenmure Street in Glasgow, which is surrounded by protesters.

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Mr Anwar, who was instrumental in negotiating the release of the two men from the Border Agency during the Kenmure Street protest, said any outcome of the protest other than the release of the men was “unthinkable”.

He said, “First of all we have to see it for what it is. The assault on immigration was deeply cynical and provocative. On the day of Eid in Scotland’s most diverse community, the largest Muslim community, the home office cowards initially refused to answer the phone to the Scottish First Minister, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

“Glasgow and other cities have stated time and time again that they want an end to dawn raids, and it is pretty clear that the Scottish government and political parties in Scotland, apart from the Conservative Party, are deeply dissatisfied with a Home Office, that behaves this way.

“You have to react. It was almost like the Priti Patel Home Office lit a fuse from London and wanted the carnage to take place without knowing what effect it was going to have on the community.

“The idea of ​​using force to disperse a local community that was singing, ‘Let them go, these are our neighbors’ was unthinkable, so they had to let them go, and that was because of the power of the people.”

Mr Anwar was asked how immigration law should be enforced in Scotland and the BBC suggested that attitudes towards immigration in Scotland were similar to those in England.

In response, however, the attorney attacked the Home Office and the UK government, saying Scotland needs its own approach.

Mr Anwar said: “It will be a long time before the UK government decides to change the way it works. They practice systemic, barbaric treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

“I firmly believe that we should have our own immigration system in Scotland. This may be a reserved proposition. It could be implemented when people put their heads together.

“The fact that the Home Secretary couldn’t even pick up our Prime Minister’s phone shows the disdain she has for the people of Scotland.”

On the Friday after the raid, a Home Office spokesman said: “The UK government is fighting illegal immigration and the damage it causes, often to the most vulnerable, by removing those who have no right to be in the UK.

“The Glasgow operation was carried out in connection with alleged immigration crimes and the two Indian nationals have followed the officers at all times.

“The UK government continues to fight illegal migration in all its forms and our new immigration plan will expedite the deportation of those who have entered the UK illegally.”

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