Household of man shot by Franklin County deputy retains attorneys; CPD releases preliminary investigation findings

Family of man shot by Franklin County deputy retains attorneys; CPD releases initial investigation findings

Posted: Dec 6, 2020 / 7:00 p.m. EST
Updated: December 6, 2020 / 8:14 PM EST

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A law firm that claims to represent the family of a man who was fatally shot during a law enforcement operation on Friday is calling for a “thorough and transparent investigation” into the man’s death.

In a post on his Facebook page, Walton & Brown, LLC. said it represents the family of Casey Goodson Jr., who the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office identified as the man who was shot and killed Friday by Deputy Jason Meade, a 17-year-old veteran.

According to the sheriff’s office, Meade is currently assigned to the U.S. Marshal’s Service Fugitive Task Force, a role he was holding at the time of the shooting.

According to the US Marshal’s office, Meade was among agents searching for a refugee on Friday afternoon at Estates Place in the Ferris Road area. Agents couldn’t find the fugitive.

When they finished their surgery, Goodson was driving a gun, the office said. The law firm said Goodson had a valid concealed carry license.

Franklin County Sheriff identifies victim, deputy who was involved in deadly shootings on Friday

Several officers followed the man and ordered him to drop the gun as they caught up with him. When the suspect began to draw his gun, Meade fired and hit the suspect, according to the marshal’s office.

The post on the law firm’s Facebook page disputes the representation made at this point by the law enforcement authorities.

“Casey was shot dead when he unlocked his door and entered his house,” the post said. “His death was witnessed by his 72-year-old grandmother and two young children who stood near the door.”

The law firm also stated that Goodson had no crime, had no criminal background and was not the subject of an investigation.

On Sunday, the sheriff’s office released a statement that Meade is off duty and is waiting to be interviewed by the Columbus incident and police response team who are investigating the shooting.

“The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is confident that the Columbus Police Critical Incident and Response Team will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation at which point it will be presented to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office,” said a statement from the Sheriff’s Office in the Meade is identified.

The law firm is also calling for a thorough and transparent investigation into Goodson’s death.

Walton & Brown, LLP’s Facebook post is below.

A statement from Columbus Police on Sunday evening said that due to their investigation, no other officers saw the shooting.

The statement also disclosed the following facts, based on the Critical Incident and Response Team’s investigation:

  • The MP investigated the situation and there have been reports of an oral exchange. The MP shot Mr Casey Goodson, which resulted in his death. A gun was recovered from Mr. Goodson.
  • This shootout took place in the Columbus City jurisdiction, but did not involve Columbus Police officers. For this reason, detectives for critical incidents at the Columbus police force are the main investigators charged with gathering and documenting the facts.
  • Investigators continue to gather facts, including a statement from the deputy who fired his gun.
  • No other officer witnessed the shooting.
  • No civilian eyewitnesses were identified.
  • There is no footage from body cameras captured from the actual footage. The Franklin County’s sheriff’s task force officers are not given body cameras.
  • An autopsy will be performed by the Franklin County Coroner.
  • The department will submit any evidence to the Franklin County Attorney who will review the established facts. The prosecutor will present the results to a civil grand jury. The grand jury will decide whether the shooting was justified.
  • Once the legal process is completed, all records related to this investigation will become public.

“The Columbus Division of Police is committed to conducting a full investigation and using all resources and methods to establish the facts,” Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said in the statement. “The department will present all evidence to the prosecutor and, if necessary, ensure transparency with our community regarding this investigation. We urge the community to rely on the facts and avoid spreading misinformation that can be widespread on social media. While difficult to do, please be patient for these facts to be established. “