Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson Case: Both Lawyers Accused Of ‘Destroying Evidence’

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson Case: Both Lawyers Accused Of 'Destroying Evidence'

The very serious matter of the 22 pending cases against Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. At the same time, unfortunately, the circus vibe also seems to be a permanent factor in the controversy.

Attorneys on both sides of the sexual assault charge accused the other this week of trashing evidence.

During a status conference Thursday, Watson attorney Rusty Hardin said some of the plaintiffs destroyed or altered evidence. Prosecutor’s attorney Tony Buzbee denied the charges, accusing Hardin of making the charges to advance public opinion in the court.

Buzbee has also accused Watson of deleting social media messages he sent to his accusers.

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The judge in the case ruled that both sides should be notified to hold evidence. But of course this statement cannot undo what each side has accused the other of having already achieved.

Buzbee had said a dozen of the prosecutors would attend the hearing; Instead, six women were reportedly present. Hardin advised the court with respect to the 22 plaintiffs that he still could not properly identify his clients’ accusers and wished Buzbee would provide this information.

Both the Houston Police and the NFL are involved in an ongoing investigation into allegations against Watson, who asked Texans for a deal prior to the turmoil.

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