Houston Traffic Collision Lawyer becomes a local sponsor for the North Texas Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America


Fleming Law Personal Injury Attorney – Houston, Texas is proud to announce that it has become a new Houston sponsor for the North Texas Chapter of the Lupus Foundation. This includes financial support, volunteers, and staff time.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus through programs of research, education, support, and advocacy. We are committed to building awareness about this chronic autoimmune disease that affects over 1 million Americans each year. With your help, we can make an impact on society together!

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The Lupus Foundation of America

The Lupus Foundation of America is a non-profit, national, private charitable organization dedicated to finding a cure for Lupus, or disease affecting the skin. The Foundation has helped raise millions of dollars for research and treatment of Lupus through donations and grants. Donations are made from the community at large, but the bulk of the funds are obtained through a program called the “Lupus Grant.” The program highlights local philanthropic activity. In return, the local sponsor, who typically is a local medical office, obtains financial benefits in the form of tax exemptions, education assistance, and marketing support.

The mission of the Foundation is to find a cure for Lupus and to educate the public about Lupus and its prevention through education and prevention programs. The Lupus Foundation of America has four specific programs: the Community Education Program (CEP), the Free Lupus Grants (FLGs), the Medical Oncology Training Programs (MOTP), and the Lupus Education and Research Program (LEP). The CEP and the MOTP are funded through insurance premiums paid by patients who have Lupus diagnoses, while the LEP is not associated with any medical insurance. Both are administered by the offices of the Fund, which aims to “promote excellence in Lupus care.”

The CEP and the MOTP each require a registration fee, which is due when the patient reaches the age of eighteen unless the resident is treated under the appropriate age category. After receiving a registration card, which has a claim processing module, the local sponsor contacts the insurance carrier. The insurance company then pays the CEP or MOTP, depending on the state where the patient lives. When a patient agrees to donate money to support the CEP or MOTP, a local sponsor contacts the organization, requesting funds for the respective programs.

The most important function of the Lupus Foundation of America is its medical fund, which provides support for medical, related costs of those diagnosed with Lupus, regardless of their income. However, the organization also distributes financial gifts to medical research organizations, local hospitals, clinics, and primary care physicians in the areas where there is an increased incidence of patients diagnosed with Lupus. The donations are made according to the need in each local area. The organization also conducts many community events to raise awareness about Lupus, such as the “Lupus Awareness Month” in February. For every ten dollars donated, the organization offers a free raffle ticket.

The Lupus Foundation of America also distributes educational information about the disease, which includes the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. The information is also provided to patients, family members, caregivers, and other people who might be affected by Lupus. The program offers a helpline for patients who are experiencing sleeplessness and depression due to the disease. It also offers support groups and medical conferences that provide basic information to patients, their families, and medical providers.

There are several national and local support organizations, which help patients cope with the disease. The American College of Rheumatology is one of these organizations. The group provides information and resources to patients, family members, and medical providers dealing with Lupus to facilitate patient-provider communication. The organization trains healthcare workers about Lupus to increase patient-provider interaction and develop a better understanding of Lupus symptoms and treatments.