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Hunter Biden Disclosures Offer New Details On His Chinese Financial Dealings And Associations – JONATHAN TURLEY

There are new revelations of Hunter Biden’s laptop that offer an additional perspective on his dealings with Chinese personalities, including Patrick Ho, general secretary of China’s oil giant CEFC, who was later indicted and linked to Chinese intelligence. The emails and pictures relate to the young Chinese assistant who was made available to Hunter who made insightful statements about the liquid expense accounts and the level of support Hunter received from the Chinese. I’ve read the new news and I’m not sure about the relationship with the young aide who tells him she still has his dog tags in her New York apartment. However, the new emails include details on how to pay Biden and the fluidity of the accounts set up by the Chinese.

There is ample evidence on the internet that the 29-year-old Sino-American assistant JiaQi Bao was attempted by the Chinese secret service to forge a sexual relationship that could serve to influence Hunter and ultimately his father – much like the Rep. Eric scandal Swalwell’s close relationship with a suspected Chinese spy. It is not clear that Biden had a close relationship with Bao.

The first email from Bao appears to be dated shortly before Ho’s arrest in November 2017 and after business partners resigned from the company and associations, including the one with Bao. It’s not clear if Biden was told at the time that he needed to foreclose Bao and other people related to the company, but he doesn’t appear to be responding to the emails.

The emails take on a certain stalking quality as Bao repeatedly tries to re-establish the association by emphasizing that she wants to be his girlfriend. She also repeatedly references a misunderstanding he may have about her. (At one point, she tells Biden that she doesn’t want him to see her as “a messed up bad girl.”) In later emails, she also states that she tried to reach Hunter through various communication systems or platforms to no avail. She says that she would like to have a relationship as a girlfriend, but it appears that Hunter did not respond to those requests.

My greater interest continues to be the fluidity of Jäger’s financial dealings, the references to mass transfers to him or his uncle, and the role of Ho, which American intelligence has long linked with the Chinese government and intelligence services. In the emails, Bao offers possible points of discussion in handling the election and against research on Trump, including Trump’s alleged links to a Chinese prostitution salon in Florida, an ironic point of attack given Hunter’s photos of alleged Chinese prostitutes. (Biden admits in this book that, aside from his close relationship with his late brother’s widow, Hallie, “the other women I have dated during the shooting since my divorce were barely the dating guy.”)

Bao’s emails discuss Chinese accounts that appear to have cash available to Biden that he can use at his own discretion. One section is titled “Keep As Much Money As You Can” and encourages Biden to debit accounts that were only there with cash. She even suggests Biden increase his spending to get the money. The references show the easy availability of money from the Chinese at a time when Hunter admits to being constantly drunk and engaging in sexual and narcotic excesses.

When Jäger's joint venture with the Chinese collapsed this month amid the arrests of his two leaders, Bao wrote one of their most surprising emails encouraging him to take cash from one of the Hunter and CEFC joint company vehicles called the Hudson West .

In fairness to Hunter Biden, there is no response from him and the emails seem like a former assistant trying to rebuild a relationship and regain his trust. However, it does provide a glimpse into these accounts and how Biden could pull expense out of the company.

The company itself seemed to collapse quickly, but Biden received a huge amount of money without doing any substantial work. In fact, Biden admits he was still a crack addict during this period, and the photos show that he passed out and took drugs as well as sexual trysts with various women, including potential prostitutes. Gao himself expresses concern about Jäger’s alcohol abuse: “One of my New Year’s wishes is that you can drink less … I will do everything I can to keep you happy so that the widespread mythical function of alcoholic beverages as a stress reliever does not work – an excuse for indulgence ! “

Hunter recently admitted that he was still a crack addict and an alcoholic: “[d]Drinking a liter of vodka a day alone in a room is absolute, completely debilitating ”and“ smoking around the clock ”. (In fact, the dog tags in Bao’s apartment were from Biden’s brief stint in the Navy before being fired for drug use). However, the Chinese wanted to pay him millions as a management consultant and hired Bao as his assistant.

This brings us back to Ho and Hunter Biden’s ongoing investigation. Biden has insisted that the investigation focus solely on tax issues and that it be resolved. That could be true. However, we do know that these transactions have been flagged by federal agencies, including claims for possible money laundering. As a lawyer, I would be very concerned if my client were to transfer such large amounts of money from these accounts. Among the items discussed by Goa is their listing of Hunter expenses, including paying the Yale Club in May 2018 for a total of $ 16,578.69. It is not clear which account the money came from. However, she notes that she is “not sure the accounting department will allow this”.

In a previous email, Bao also encouraged Hunter to include personal bills in his expense reports for the joint venture.

It is fair to ask why a company closely tied to the Chinese government and possible Chinese intelligence agencies would give Hunter and his uncle millions. Jäger’s laptop shows that between 2017 and 2018 he transferred around 1.4 million US dollars from his company Owasco to his uncle’s consulting firm.

Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Jim teamed up with CEFC in 2017, but the company collapsed the following year when Ho was arrested and later convicted of bribery in a U.S. federal prosecutor’s office.

Most of the media’s continued lack of interest in these connections is astonishing and part of an ongoing blackout of virtually all Hunter-related scandals and possible crimes. I share the same view of the ongoing investigation into Rudy Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine. There is legitimate media interest in whether laws have been broken or whether Trump employees lied about those efforts. My problem is that the media has an overwhelming and persistent interest in one (Giuliani) and little interest in the other (Biden). Both raise serious questions that should be fully investigated and made available to the public.

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