‘I admire the ability…’: Justice Chandrachud to lawyer observing Roza

'I admire the ability...': Justice Chandrachud to lawyer observing Roza

Judge DY Chandrachud, a judge on the Supreme Court of India, said he admired the “ability to fast all days without a drop of water” in response to a solicitor’s request, a matter he heard after the holy month of Ramzan, Live Law reports.

A bank of Justice Chandrachud and Justice MR Shah heard a special leave petition (SLP) resulting from a ruling by the Allahabad High Court on November 29, 2019, upholding the petitioner’s conviction of murder and life imprisonment when the council this said he took time to file some documents and requested that the Ramzan hearing be listed.

“Ramzan is going on. The Covid-19 crisis is going on too. Could your lordships please list this matter after Ramzan? It will be problematic … I have waited all day (until the matter is reached),” the council said according to Live Law.

Following this exchange, the bank allowed the petitioner’s attorney to take away and inspect a copy of the youth report, and also allowed him to submit an affidavit in response to the report. The bank also instructed that this exercise should be completed within three weeks and listed the SLP on May 10, 2021.

In response, Judge Chandrachud said, “I’m sorry. You should have mentioned this in the morning and we could have adjourned the matter. Please go and relax. I admire the ability to fast all days without a drop of water.” . “”

During Ramzan, which is celebrated every ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims observe a fast known as Roza. They don’t eat anything from the time the sun rises to the time it sets. Fasting is compulsory for all adult Muslims unless they are sick, traveling, pregnant, diabetic, elderly, or on their menstrual cycle.