If Numbers Gained’t Deliver Justice, Perhaps Names Will – Thelegaltorts

If Numbers Won’t Bring Justice, Maybe Names Will – My Shingle

As the saying goes, numbers don't lie. But numbers don't always count.

Here's what I mean: we know that the numbers tell us that millions of Americans cannot find the legal help they need, a deficit that has been compounded by the pandemic. We know that the numbers tell us that discriminatory police practices remain. Despite the numbers, access to justice and equality issues remain.

So far, numbers have not moved lawyers to improve access to justice or the same judiciary. But maybe names. Each of these names represents a person who deserved so much better from our system. Each name represents a gaping hole in their respective families and in the world that cannot be filled.

When we speak of access to justice and equal justice, numbers are powerful, but names are more. Figures show us that there is systemic discrimination. Names remind us of the human element and why it is so important to repair our broken system now. Let's go to work

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