IHC grants bail to girl lawyer

IHC grants bail to woman lawyer

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad’s Supreme Court on Monday granted a lawyer Nazia Bibi bail after her arrest in the case of an IHC building attack and reserved the decision on bail for another lawyer.

A department bank made up of Judge Aamer Farooq and Judge Mohsin Akhtar Kayani heard the petition from two lawyers after they were arrested on bail. Sardar Latif Khosa, attorney Rizwan Abbasi, and other lawyers appeared before the court.

In the course of the trial, Latif Khosa argued that Nazia Bibi had a two-year-old child and was also ill. She was following a case before IHC’s # 7 Bank at the time of the incident, he said, adding that the attorney had no connection to the case.

He further argued that another attorney, Naveed Malik, had been named in the case, but he had no connection with the incident. He was on the IHC premises during the incident, but was not on the top judicial block. Justice Farooq noted that if the juniors were on top, their seniors should have convinced them to avoid such behavior.

The attorneys involved should be held accountable in the Bar Council. Judge Farooq said there was a need to professionally train junior lawyers. However, the prosecutor said that attorney Naveed Malik led the demonstrators, according to CDR and CCTV footage, and four police officers also gave statements on the matter as witnesses.

This is no ordinary building, he added. Thereafter, the court granted attorney Nazia Bibi bail of 50,000 rupees and reserved judgment on Naveed Malik’s bail request.