Immigration lawyer breaks down President Biden’s Immigration Invoice

Immigration lawyer breaks down President Biden's Immigration Bill

The bill provides for an eight-year citizenship path for immigrants.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA – PENNSYLVANIA – After being sworn in, President Biden went to work sending out one of his first legislative proposals – the US Citizenship Act of 2021.

The immigration law provides for an eight-year citizenship path for immigrants.

“What it would do is … If this bill goes into effect, when this provision goes into effect, people could apply for a work card and travel document that is valid for up to five years,” said Troy Mattes, immigration attorney .

To qualify, the individual must pass criminal and national security clearances.

“Once the five years have passed and you’ve been a good person, not a criminal activity, you have to show proof that you’ve paid your taxes, then you can apply for a green card,” Mattes said.

After three years with this green card, the person can apply for US citizenship.

Some congressmen aren’t sure where President Biden’s priorities are.

Pennsylvania Congressman Fred Keller says before President Biden talks about immigration, he should first focus on those struggling here at home.

“Right now we’re at a point where Americans need help. American families, American workers, “he said.

Congressman Keller adds that the bill is not fair to those who obey the rules.

“We shouldn’t be careful to reward people – adults who came to our nation and didn’t obey the law,” he added.

Mattes, who works primarily with Central American immigrants, continues to hope that at least some parts of the bill will be passed.

“With the right negotiation and an agreement, I’m very optimistic,” he said.

The bill also includes: Complementing existing border resources with technology and infrastructure, and supporting asylum seekers and other vulnerable populations.

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