Impeachment Trial: Graffiti painted exterior Trump lawyer van der Veen’s Chester County dwelling

Impeachment Trial: Graffiti painted outside Trump attorney van der Veen's Pennsylvania home

EXTON, Pennsylvania – The home of one of the Philadelphia suburbs attorneys defending former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial has been destroyed with graffiti

Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland Township in Chester County Police Department said the graffiti was reported in the home of Attorney Michael van der Veen at around 8 p.m. Friday.

The video showed the word “traitor” in red at the entrance to the driveway and an arrow pointing at the house.

No arrests have been made, Pezick said on Saturday. The house now has private security, he said, “and we’ve shown a police presence to prevent anything from happening.”

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A group of protesters gathered outside the van der Veen law firm in downtown Philadelphia at some point, calling him a “fascist” and singing, “If van der Veen is lying, what do you do? Condemn. Condemn,” reported the Philadelphia Inquirer .

Van der Veen laughed from the Senators on Saturday when he said testimony could be made in his Philadelphia office.

Vandals also targeted US House and Senate leaders in the first few days of the new year as Congress refused to approve an increase in the amount of money sent to people to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Spray paint on the door of then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky read, “WERES MY MONEY,” and “MITCH KILLS THE POOR” was scrawled on a window. An obscenity directed against the Republican senator was painted under the mailbox.

At Nancy Pelosi’s house spokeswoman in San Francisco, someone sprayed graffiti, leaving a pig’s head and fake blood.

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