Impressed by Black Lives Matter, lawyer quits job to open civil rights legislation agency

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CLIVE, Iowa (KCCI) – While Des Moines Black Lives Matter renews its commitment to the community at an event Friday night, the movement inspires others to get involved. KCCI's Tommie Clark tells how a local lawyer quit his job to influence change.

"It's scary, but it's a risk I want to take," said attorney Ben Lynch.

On Monday, Lynch was working as a lawyer at a Fortune 500 company. The 29-year-old had opened his own law firm by Wednesday.

"It was very nerve-wracking to be giving up a steady paycheck every two weeks," Lynch said.

The fact that the central Iowans of all areas of life make changes in the summer inspired Lynch to adapt his own life plans.

"The civil rights movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, started and I felt like I had to make a difference," Lynch said.

So Lynch started a law firm in Clive with his family.

"I refinanced my house, sold my motorcycle and got a job as a bartender," said Lynch.

He is currently working on three different local civil rights cases.

“I also just represented a criminal defense attorney who was charged with rioting, and that charge was actually dismissed. I represented them for free, ”said Lynch

He does volunteer work for those who cannot afford their voices not to be heard.

"Maybe I can inspire other lawyers and other people in the community to use their privileges and talents to make a difference," Lynch said.

Ultimately, Lynch's mission is to influence positive change in the Des Moines subway – the way he has seen it on the streets of Des Moines for the past four months.

"I know I'll do everything I can. I'll fight like hell. I'll do my part and try to make this community a better place," said Lynch.

Des Moines Black Lives Matter is holding a vigil for Justice 4 Black Children Friday night. The event focuses on Breasia Terrell and Abdi Sharif. It starts at 6:30 p.m. on 6th and college at Des Moines.

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