Islamabad lawyer kidnapped from residence

Semenya lawyer prepares testosterone rule challenge in European court

ISLAMABAD: A lawyer was abducted from his G / 16 residence by a group of kidnappers on Saturday, police sources said.

The Tarnol Police Department has registered and investigated a case (FIR No. 04/2021) under Section 365 of the PPC against unknown persons.

Mohammad Safian Saeed Dar filed a written complaint stating that he was living in G / 16-3 with his son Hamad Saeed Dar.

He said around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday that someone had rung the doorbell.

“I asked the person about their identity over the intercom. He identified himself as CDT’s DSP Tariq and told me he wanted to meet my son. I opened the door after getting my son’s approval. When I opened the door, ten people were standing with this person who introduced himself as DSP Tariq. Three people accompanying the DSP entered the house and sat in the living room to wait for my son. When I went to my son’s room to inform him of the visitors, the leader followed me and came into my son’s room. In the meantime, four other people came into my son’s room and started questioning my son. Eventually they asked him to come with them and took away his laptop, cell phone, and wallet. I was told that after a while they would send Hammad back after asking some questions, but he did not come back home the next morning. Tarnol Police Department has registered and investigated a case under Section 365 of the PPC. The case was assigned to the SP CIA.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court Bar Association announced its boycott of the courts in protest of their colleague’s kidnapping on Monday (today).