Jack de Belin: NRL star, Callan Sinclair’s accuser snaps at lawyer’s questions

Callan Sinclair, 24, has also pleaded not guilty. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Christian Gilles

One woman tearfully denied NRL star Jack de Belin’s version of events at the North Wollongong unit claiming she raped her and told a court that “nothing was consensual that night.”

St. George Illawarra Dragons striker and Callan Sinclair are accused of sexually assaulting the then 19-year-old woman after the trio met at Wollongong’s popular Mr Crown Bar in December 2018.

In her district court trial, the woman’s allegations were reported as feeling “dead inside” and crying as the men in a unit in North Wollongong switched positions to force vaginal, oral and anal sex.

Mr de Belin (30) and Mr Sinclair (24) have both pleaded not guilty in five cases of serious sexual assault and claim that the encounter with the woman was consensual.

The star of the St. George Illawarra Dragons, Jack de Belin, denies any wrongdoing. Image: NCA NewsWire / Christian GillesSource: News Corp Australia

On Monday, the fourth day of the trial, the jury continued to monitor recorded evidence that the woman presented during the men’s final trial in November that could not be finalized.

The court previously heard allegations that the woman had been relegated to a bathroom in the unit rented by Mr de Belin’s cousin when the footballer entered her naked to shower.

She claimed she ran out of the bathroom before a still naked Mr. de Belin appeared behind her, undid her shirt, before he pushed her onto the bed and took off her pants.

He allegedly grabbed her by the neck, pinned her with his forearm, and began non-consensual sex with the woman who claims she said “no” before Mr. Sinclair undressed and joined in.

During the woman’s cross-examination, Mr. de Belin’s attorney, David Campbell SC, introduced her to a different version of what had happened in the bedroom, which painted a picture of a rigorous but friendly encounter.

Mr. Campbell told the woman that his client waited for her to leave the bathroom before showering and showed up when she was kissing Mr. Sinclair in the bedroom.

He suggested Mr. de Belin go to them with a towel around his waist.

The woman denied this, claiming that she clearly remembered feeling Mr. de Belin’s “wet body on my back” when he allegedly appeared behind her.

Jack de Belin's attorney offered an alternate version of what happened the night of the incident.  Image: NCA NewsWire / Bianca De MarchiJack de Belin’s attorney offered an alternate version of what happened the night of the incident. Image: NCA NewsWire / Bianca De MarchiSource: News Corp Australia

Mr Campbell suggested that the woman take off her own top and the two men kiss her breasts before standing on the bed and Mr de Belin taking off her pants.

At this point, Mr. Campbell brought another man to the door of the woman and asked her, “Jack, who is that?” before Mr. de Belin left the room to speak to the man.

“I’m telling you this version of events is true and correct?” he said.

She replied, “No, you are wrong.”

Mr Campbell explained to her that on his return Mr de Belin had had consensual oral sex with the woman before starting consensual penis-vaginal sex with her.

Mr Sinclair then undressed before joining the others on the bed, where he and Mr de Belin exchanged positions of oral and vaginal sex with the woman, Mr Campbell said.

“Nothing was consensual that night,” she repeated in response to Mr Campbell’s suggestions.

Mr. Campbell told her that she never said “no” or “stop” during the incident, which she denied. Then he asked her how loud she was speaking.

“I don’t remember how loud my voice was. Nobody listened to me, ”she said.

Previously, during her cross-examination, the woman had answered a number of questions about her conversation with a friend the day after the incident.

She repeated, “I don’t remember, it was two years ago” when Mr. Campbell examined her after a conversation she had with a coworker on December 9, 2018, before the woman got emotional and asked for a break.

“All that matters is what happened in that unit,” she said. “What happened in this unit happened in this unit, and that is what this is about.”

Callan Sinclair, 24, has also pleaded not guilty.  Image: NCA NewsWire / Christian GillesCallan Sinclair, 24, has also pleaded not guilty. Image: NCA NewsWire / Christian GillesSource: News Corp Australia

Mr Campbell told the woman that she lied when she told police that she had never spoken to the friend and said her responses in court were “completely different” from her police statement.

The woman said any omissions in the testimony of events and conversations she shared with others the night of the incident and the next day could be a result of shock.

“My brain did its best with the shock and trauma I just went through,” she said.

“I haven’t lied about anything.”

Mr. Campbell later played CCTV footage of the woman on the dance floor with Mr. de Belin and Mr. Sinclair, claiming that she was looking “very lovingly” into his client’s eyes.

She replied, “I don’t remember. I was a 19 year old girl, I get to go out and dance well. “

Jack de Belin will play for the dragons in April 2018.  Image: Brett Hemmings / Getty ImagesJack de Belin will play for the dragons in April 2018. Image: Brett Hemmings / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

The footage showed her hugging Mr de Belin before dancing near him and taking a hat off his head.

Mr. Campbell said to her that at one point it appeared that she was “certainly looking lovingly into the area of ​​Mr. de Belin’s face”.

The woman said she couldn’t remember and said it was clear she was smiling in the footage, but her eyes may have been closed.

Mr. Campbell also suggested that a “V-Signal” – symbolizing oral sex – that the trial had previously made towards Mr. Sinclair was also directed to Mr. de Belin.

“It was two years ago, I don’t know who it was addressed to. It could have been aimed at the wall, ”replied the woman.

The trial continues before Judge Nicole Noman.