Jail threat prompts Australia Day spitter to call lawyer

Daniel James Cameron has pleaded guilty to two serious assault charges. Picture: Social media.

A 25-year-old on two charges of spitting on people says he will seek legal advice after learning that he could go to jail for the assault.

Daniel James Cameron pleaded guilty Monday to two serious attacks by an officer.

The crime took place in Shelly Beach on January 26th.

Prosecutor Brendan Newman said the Maroochydore Magistrates Court police would suggest an appropriate sentence time behind bars.

Cameron told the court he had no lawyer or legal counsel.

Magistrate Rod Madsen encouraged the Wavell Heights resident to seek legal advice.

“What he (Sergeant Newman) is saying is that when this matter is closed he will ask you to get a sentence and not just get a prison sentence, but get out of those doors,” Madsen said, gesturing towards the doors that led to it lead to holding cells.

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He asked Cameron if that sounded like a bad idea and if he would see a lawyer.

Cameron said he would get legal advice.

Sergeant Newman said an adjournment of four weeks would allow statements to be made about the victim’s impact.

Cameron is sentenced on May 11th.