Jap District of Virginia Legal professional’s Workplace recovers tens of millions for victims in prison and civil issues

Eastern District of Virginia Attorney’s Office recovers millions for victims in criminal and civil matters

Posted: Feb 9, 2021 12:34 AM EST
Updated: February 9, 2021 12:34 am EST

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ALEXANDRIA, Virginia (WAVY) – Officials at the Eastern District of Virginia Law Firm (EDVA) announced Monday that they had reclaimed hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 for victims of criminal, civil and loss of property claims.

A total of $ 242 million was recorded for crime victims and in civil matters involving federal funds.

Acting U.S. attorney Raj Parekh says they are falling into several types of recovery:

  • $ 22.3 million went towards repayment of victims in criminal cases by EDVA
  • $ 41.1 million was raised through civil suits and settlements that fell victim to the federal government, such as: B. Defense Procurement Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, and Qui-Tam (whistleblower) cases.
  • US $ 167.9 million was reclaimed under civil law in joint matters with EDVA and the civil department of the Justice Department or various process components of the Department

“Our criminal and civil recovery teams have worked tirelessly in a very difficult year to unify crime victims, use the loss of assets to reclaim illegal proceeds from crime and protect public finances. We will continue our firm commitment to upholding the principles of equality, justice and justice for all as we uphold victims’ rights and protect our communities through 2021 and beyond, “said acting US attorney Raj Parekh.

The U.S. law firms, along with the Department’s litigation departments, are responsible for the enforcement and recovery of civil and criminal debts to the federal government and criminal debts to victims of federal crime. EDVA reminds parishioners that defendants are required by law to pay compensation to victims of certain federal crimes who have suffered personal injury or financial loss.

The largest civil law collections came from affirmative civil enforcement cases in which the United States recovered government money lost through fraud or other misconduct, or civil sanctions against individuals and / or businesses for violations of health, safety, civil rights, federal drug diversion, or environmental law .

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