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Yes, Biden is President . . . Just A Tad Premature – JONATHAN TURLEY

Just before noon, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as our 46th President. Most of us wish him the greatest success in leading this nation and, hopefully, in planning a course of unity rather than division. He could prove to be one of the most consistent presidents as he endeavors to bring this country together on policies that can win support from both sides of our political divide. He had a senator reputation when I had the pleasure of interacting with him. This is the Joe Biden I hope will become our 46th President.I have high hopes for this government, especially as an environmentalist. I have criticized the Trump administration for its environmental rush. I am confident that we can see rapid progress in this area. There are a number of areas where Biden could offer necessary changes from external relations to government ethics. I have my obvious concerns about freedom of speech and the changes to the Supreme Court, but I hope that Biden, as our new president, will take a more moderate course.

Despite our reduced initiation due to security, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful celebration. The Biden team did an exceptional job under difficult conditions. I was particularly moved by Lady Gaga’s rendition of our national anthem. There may have been a better performance at an inauguration, but I can’t remember any.

One disappointment today is that we can’t have our traditional housewarming party. This is a great moment for our country regardless of who is elected. Although I did not vote for or support Trump, I was critical of the Democratic members and protesters who refused to recognize him as a legitimate president four years ago. I was even more critical of President Trump’s attacks on Biden’s legitimacy, particularly in his January 6 speech. We have our own smaller party with our immediate family to celebrate Biden’s inauguration.

What was strange is that we can usually buy cakes and cupcakes with a housewarming theme. We literally couldn’t find any items so we had to have a cake made especially for Biden and Harris. I regard Inauguration Day, like July 4th, as a celebration of our Constitution and a commitment to the peaceful transition of democratic governance.

Personally, I have to call out a specific member of the Biden family. I’m a dog lover fanatical and I hated the fact that the Trumps lacked a presidential dog. This is now being corrected with the two German Shepherds from Biden. Say hello to the Major and Champ in the President’s Pantheon of Pets.

So here is our President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. . . and to the United States of America.

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