Joe Giudice Is Relationship a Lawyer After Finalizing Teresa Divorce

Joe Giudice Is Dating a Lawyer After Finalizing Teresa Divorce

He keeps going. Joe Guidice revealed that he has a new wife in his life after finalizing his divorce from his wife Teresa Giudice in September.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 48, who lives in his native Italy after being deported for fraud after completing his sentence last year, spoke to him Wendy Williams on Friday October 9th about his new romance.

Joe Giudice Courtesy Joe Giudice / Instagram

"I actually see a lawyer," he said. "She helps a lot out here, it's good because there's a lot going on out here and she's putting together a lot of offers for me. We saw each other, you know what I mean? I wouldn't say we're a boyfriend, but we like to hang out a lot. "

The talk show host asked if the two were living together and if his new boyfriend had a key to his apartment, but Joe said no.

56-year-old Williams also asked Joe why he and 48-year-old Teresa got divorced after 20 years of marriage, saying, "Is it the cheating, the legal thing, the distance?"

"The distance, you know what I mean and how will it work then?" he said. "I'm here, she's there (in New Jersey). There is no way it's going to work where I am. What am I supposed to do, pull the kids out of Jersey and bring them here? It's just not going to work."

He added that the couple's split in December 2019 "wasn't really my choice – we fought and, listen, that's the result of it."

Due to travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, Joe has not seen the couple's four daughters – Gia (19), Gabriella (16), Milania (14) and Audriana (11) – since December.

"We talk every day," said the businessman. “Melania was just about to call me. I saw her playing soccer on the phone yesterday. So good for the phones. Better to be there in person, but what are you going to do? At the moment I wouldn't be able to get there anyway. "

Joe also announced that he and his ex-wife are in business together. The former reality TV star is a rep for Zalo Sex Toys and got Teresa to work with him.

"It's a business I've always wanted to get into," he said. "I've decided that since I have to pay them every month, I should get involved and help."

Williams also asked about Teresa, who sold the couple's multi-million dollar New Jersey mansion, and whether Joe would make 50 percent of the profit from the sale.

"No, no, no," he said. "I've signed everything off her."

Teresa was connected with her former boyfriend Anthony Delorenzo However, in December 2019, after the two were seen having breakfast together, their attorney Us Weekly denied that anything romantic was going on between them.

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