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If you don't have a Facebook profile for your company yet, miss it. With over 2 billion active users a day, Facebook is a great way to connect with current clients and tell potential clients more about your law firm. However, most people don't leave comments to communicate with you. They send you a message.

Customers expect fast and convenient communication, and Facebook Messenger meets both criteria. However, it is more than just a simple means of communication that most of your customers are already using. A Facebook presence and the response to messages create and create trust. This one-to-one interaction makes customers feel safe in your company, which in turn strengthens your company's reputation.

It can be daunting to add another medium of communication for your company, but that's where comes in.'s virtual receptionists take care of accessing and replying to your messages, including Facebook messages, as carefully as legally required companies to answer calls from new and existing customers.


You are already familiar with's receiving services for these calls, but they can do much more.'s live agents can also help you manage your website chat, text, and now your Facebook messages.'s receptionists answer questions around the clock, check potential customers and plan appointments for your company. This means that your law firm is ready to capture leads and be available to your clients. It provides the instant answers customers want without interrupting you or your team.

The Facebook messaging, which is summarized under the chat package, is included in the text response at no additional cost and works just like the other services. Simply provide your specific criteria for customer engagement and scheduling, and will take care of the rest. In addition, you do not need to provide your Facebook credentials to start using this service. can manage all of your communications through the platform without the need for a username.

How to get it

To learn more about, how Facebook Messaging works, or chat services in general, visit and get a free trial with 20 chats / 14 days today!

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last update April 29, 2020.