Judge Denies Request for Injunction to Keep Baseball All-Star Game in Georgia – Reason.com

Judge Denies Request for Injunction to Keep Baseball All-Star Game in Georgia – Reason.com

The lawsuit filed by Howard Kleinhendler on behalf of the Job Creators Network to force Major League Baseball to keep the All-Star game in Atlanta, Georgia is not going well. After a disastrous hearing, a judge denied JCN’s request for restraining order and poured cold water over the entire theory of the case.

JCN hired Kraken attorney Kleinhendler to file the lawsuit after Major League Baseball decided to postpone the All-Star game in protest against the passage of a controversial electoral reform law in Georgia. There is ample criticism of the MLB’s decision, not least that the complaints about electoral reform in Georgia are exaggerated, but the theory of the lawsuit is borderline ridiculous.

District Court judge Valerie Caproni rejected JCN’s application for an injunction after what could only be described as ridiculous oral arguments. Judge Caproni concluded that the JCN lacked stamina, but that was just the beginning of the problems. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s coverage of the trial:

“To say that the legal bases of this lawsuit are weak and confused is an understatement,” said the judge. “The plaintiff alleges that (MLB and the players union) were members of a conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of JCN members … but I still cannot understand how.”

Caproni added, “MLB voted with their feet when Georgia politicians made a policy decision that (MLB) strongly disagreed with. From what this court knows, many of the small business owners in the Atlanta area agree with MLB That the policy decisions in Georgia’s new electoral law constitutes a bad policy decision. But whether or not small business owners as a group agree or disagree, are deeply divided or agnostic on this issue, it’s hard to see how the MLB’s decision turned out to be the same property rights of smaller companies has affected entrepreneurs as a group.

If anything, the judge was gentle. To get a better picture of how bad the argument turned out, read these real-time threads by Mike Dunford and Akiva Cohen to be believed. (I’ll post a link to a transcript when one is available.) In fact, Kleinhendler’s arguments were so bad and nonsensical that the opposing attorneys largely paused their case.

Judge Caproni admitted that JCN could continue to press for damages, but her decision from the bank left little doubt as to how she was likely to decide.

This result shouldn’t be particularly surprising. Kleinhendler has filed numerous lawsuits related to the 2020 election, including some of the Kraken complaints from Sidney Powell (e.g. here and here) and a lawsuit by Rep. Gohmert against Vice President Pence. He has also been the subject of legal error lawsuits. Based on yesterday’s performance, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more such claims in the future.