Kadir Şeker’s attorneys enchantment in opposition to his jail sentence

Kadir Şeker’s attorneys appeal against his prison sentence

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Kadir Şeker was tried for stabbing a man named Özgür Duran while trying to prevent him from inflicting violence on his partner Ayşe D. on February 5 in Konya. He was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison. The judicial authority has also ruled that Şeker's arrest should continue.

Kadir Şeker's lawyers have appealed the judgment and appealed to the Konya Region Supreme Court, as reported by the state-run Anadolu Agency (AA).

Mustafa Aladağ, chairman of the Konya Bar Association, said the incident happened when Şeker was trying to help a woman and therefore the act in question should have been considered as part of self-defense.

"We filed an appeal on behalf of Kadir Şeker with the Court of Appeal. We will submit our detailed appeal after we have received the detailed decision. We also objected to the continued arrest of Kadir Şeker," said the bar chairman von Konya Aladağ has further hinted.

What happened?

While preparing for university entrance exams, Kadir Kadeker saw a man beat his partner in a park in Selçuklu, Konya on February 5. When he intervened, Özgür Duran attacked him verbally and physically. While Duran allegedly pursued and hit Şeker, he was stabbed to death by enseker in the following fight.

Duran was stabbed in the chest and taken by ambulance to Selçuk University Medical Faculty Hospital. He lost his life there.

After the traces of blood on the floor, police officers found Şeker in his maternal aunt's house where he lived and took him into custody. Kadir Şeker was taken into custody by the judge.

The indictment was accepted by the 3rd Serious Criminal Court in Konya and required 12 to 18 years in prison for Şeker for "premeditated murder under unjustified provocation". Some women also started a social media campaign demanding that Kadir Şeker not be punished.

The local court ruled on October 14, 2020, sentencing Şeker to 12 years and 6 months in prison. His attorneys have appealed both this verdict and his continued arrest. (EMK / SD)