Kansas Child Custody Lawyer Providing Peace of Mind in Challenging Times


Kansas child custody law is tough. It’s made even more difficult when you’re dealing with a divorce. If you are considering moving to Overland Park, KS, or have already relocated there, finding the right family law attorney can be challenging. That is why it pays to find one who specializes in child custody cases. A qualified lawyer in Overland Park will know all of the ins and outs of how things work in your particular jurisdiction so they can provide peace of mind during these trying times for your family!

Why it is important to hire a lawyer.

Child custody cases can be difficult and complex. You need to understand Kansas child custody laws. Our Overland Park family lawyers have experience with these types of cases. It is important to seek legal representation. The court will appoint a lawyer for you and your child if you cannot afford one. It’s always better to have an Overland Park family lawyer working on your behalf than trying to represent yourself in court without any knowledge of the law. If you need assistance, please contact our office today or email us. We understand how difficult these cases can be and we stand ready to provide compassionate guidance through this process with every client we take on! You deserve the peace of mind knowing that someone has your best interests in mind when going through such a stressful time in life; let us help make it

Types of custody and visitation arrangements

Family Law in Overland Park there are many different types of custody and visitation arrangements. However, the most common type is sole physical custody with one parent having primary legal responsibility for making decisions about children while both parents continue to share parenting time in a way that works best for them and their families. In this arrangement, child support may or may not be ordered depending on several factors including the income levels of each parent. In rare cases when no agreement can be reached between parties by mediation or other process, courts have broad discretion to decide how much involvement each party should have with his/her children after divorce based upon what’s deemed in a child’s best interests which takes into account all relevant factors.

Legal rights for grandparents and other family members

In some cases, grandparents and other family members may have legal rights when it comes to child custody. In Kansas, a grandparent or blood relative of your spouse can petition the court for visitation privileges that will allow them time with their grandchildren if there is no prior order in place giving either parent sole physical custody of the minor children Family Lawyer Overland Park. If you are facing divorce, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your best interests and those of your loved ones during this difficult process. Our team understands what’s most important – protecting families while pursuing optimal results in challenging situations like these. We believe everyone deserves the peace of mind throughout their journey toward resolution.

How to find the right attorney for your case – tips on interviewing potential lawyers

The interview is a critical part of the process. The best thing you can do for yourself is prepare some questions to ask potential Family Lawyer Overland Park. You will need to know if they have experience with your type of case, and what their general approach would be. A good lawyer does not guarantee a win, but it sure makes winning more likely! Once you’ve interviewed several candidates, narrow down the list before making any decisions on which attorney to hire.

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