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Lawyer is accused

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Paule Moore, who used to go from Paule Seeger

A Kelowna attorney was cited by the BC Law Society for allegedly debiting a client’s money from an escrow account dozens of times over several years for unspent services.

The BC Law Society published a quote against Paule Seeger last month identifying dozen cases of suspected professional misconduct between 2015 and 2018. The allegations against Seeger, who is now working as a lawyer under the name Paule Moore, will be examined in a future disciplinary hearing. The date has not yet been set.

Seeger is alleged to have withdrawn money from a client’s escrow account when she wasn’t eligible, and also charging a client their own hourly rate when a student who charged a lower rate actually did the job.

She is also accused of making “false or misleading” statements on several of her client’s bills and of giving a “non-attorney” a series of pre-signed blank checks for her client’s trust account.

According to the Law Society, the allegations are “professional misconduct” which will be taken into account in a future disciplinary hearing.

The Law Society notes that all allegations will remain unproven until a disciplinary hearing panel has assessed the allegations. While a hearing is not yet scheduled, it has regularly taken more than a year to hold other Law Society hearings after a quote was first published.

Seeger now works at Kelowna’s TNG Legal Services practicing family law. She has lived in Kelowna since 2005 and has practiced law in the city since 2010.

She did not return Castanet’s request for comment on the matter on Wednesday.