Kendall County State’s Lawyer Opposes Provisions in Police Reform Invoice

Kendall County State's Attorney Opposes Provisions in Police Reform Bill

Kendall County’s Attorney Eric Weis endorsed a statement from the Illinois State Attorney’s Association criticizing Illinois law for proposing a major criminal justice reform bill.

Among the provisions rejected by the prosecutor’s office is an amendment to the Illinois Murder Act to include coercive crimes. In a forced crime murder, anyone involved in the crime that led to a murder can be charged with murder even if they did not directly cause the death. Under the proposed law, this would change. It would need to be demonstrated that a participant in a fatal crime knew that another participant was planning to injure or kill someone.

Prosecutors are also opposed to the bail waiver, saying the law would allow violent criminals to be released in court.

The association is also questioning a proposal in the legislative package to expand a detainee’s Miranda rights. This currently has to be read before an interview can be carried out by the police. While the association says protecting an individual’s Miranda rights is fundamental, the changes proposed in the new bill would prevent law enforcement from interrogating a suspect in custody.

Prosecutors say they support police reform in general, but that the bill is not a responsible way of carrying out reforms. The association says the proposed changes in HB 163 just go too far.