Kingsport lawyer once more censured by Tennessee Supreme Court docket | Information

Kingsport attorney again censured by Tennessee Supreme Court | News

KINGSPORT — A Kingsport attorney, whose law license was reinstated earlier this year, has been censured by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

According to a press release from the court’s Board of Professional Responsibility, Steven Carl Frazier received a public censure on July 17.

The board reports that Frazier:

— Improperly shared a fee with an attorney outside his firm without obtaining the written consent of his client.

— Failed to diligently prosecute a civil action for his client, which resulted in the court’s sua sponte dismissal of the action for lack of prosecution. Frazier was later able to have the dismissal set aside.

— Failed to adequately communicate with both his client during the representation and the board during the disciplinary process, which resulted in his suspension for a short period.

As a condition of the public censure, Frazier must reimburse $2,500 to his client within 90 days. According to the release, a public censure is a rebuke and warning to the attorney, but it does not affect the attorney’s ability to practice law.

Frazier has practiced law in Northeast Tennessee for more than 35 years.


Frazier was reinstated to practice law in February following a temporary suspension of his law license. He was temporarily suspended on Jan. 17 for failing to respond to the board regarding a complaint of misconduct.

Nine years ago, the board publicly censured Frazier for failing to properly assist clients who had retained him to file a breach of contract complaint.

According to a press release issued at that time, the public censure stemmed from Frazier’s failure to prepare the complaint, which concerned a lease purchase agreement of real property, along with failing to communicate with his clients or opposing counsel.